APAD March # 20 - Someone I miss

It was 10 years ago on this day that I lost my dad at a young age of 54 to a heart attack. No doubt he lived a full life on his terms, but 54 is still too young. There is a constant emptiness since that day, that cannot be filled by anyone else and not a day goes by without me thinking about him, more so now since I had my son in August 2012. I imagine the interactions they would have and how thrilled my dad would be. How he would dote over his grandson and spoil him rotten. It is the one regret that I have in my life that my son will not get to know his grandfather. In my own little way I tell him about his "nana-papa", show him photographs so that he can relate. And as time goes by, I see more and more of my dad in my son, from simple behaviours to how he looks at times. And that makes me feel that my dad is closer than I can ever imagine. One day when he is a little older and can understand, I will tell him all about his "nana-papa". Love you papa and miss you more than words can describe.


  1. Pictures have a wonderful way of unfolding stories! Loved the pic. Understand your loss. Keep the wonderful memories alive.

  2. Pooja, it's so nice that you're helping your son to get to know his grandfather even though he isn't around. As he grows, he'll admire his grandfather and feel a connection to him through you. That is a really sweet and happy picture - I'm sure it's one of your most treasured ones.

  3. 54 is definitely too young and I truly am sorry for your loss. I love how you are keeping his memory alive for your son!


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