APAD March # 10 - Where I Work

My place of escape, my asylum, my workplace, a place I call my own. If you love what you do like I do, even mondays cannot get you down. My Dental Clinic does all this for me and so much more. I look forward to work every single day, to meet and interact with different kinds of people, to challenge myself in every case, to ease someone of pain, to create art in the mouth, to be true to myself and everyone else.
I started my clinic in the year 2008 and since then we have slowly and steadily grown. Patients come and go, as does the staff.....what remains constant is my work and I, and these little pets of mine who give me so much joy just sitting and looking at them swim about. They are a stress buster not just for me, but also for all the patients who come in grudgingly to get some dental work done. 

This picture was taken today at my dental clinic at Bombay.