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Becoming my Mother

As an only child, I think I've always had a particularly close relationship with my mom. We didn't have the heated battles that a lot of moms and daughters went through. I didn't sneak out or tell her I hated her. But that didn't save me from the typical "God you don't understand!" moments that most teenage girls experience. When I was in school, my mother's advice was seldom right. It didn't matter what she was saying to me, she couldn't possibly know the answer to my teenage plight. I couldn't fathom why she would not sleep until i got back home and got into bed (and she still does not sleep until I am back home). Yet now that I'm 32 and married with a baby, things have changed. I've realized I'm becoming my mom, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

From body language to expressions, I'll say or do something and wonder why it feels familiar. Then I realize it comes directly from her.From the jokes we find funny to th…