Friday, September 12, 2014

The Gadgeteer in me

I've obsessed about gadgets for as long as I can remember. From the atari to the nintendo, from watching sci -fi movies to reliving them while playing with lego or playing make believe, I've spent better part of my life deciding on which gadget I absolutely "need" next.
Being an avid reader, I was skeptical when the ereader was first introduced as I could not imagine not reading a paper book, oh the smell of books! But curiosity got better of me and I called for my first ereader - the Sony from the US. The high of carrying all my favourite books got better of me and I was hooked. But I wanted something better and not touch screen and the Amazon Kindle had what I was looking for. Lo and behold, a new ereader was on its way from the US thanx to all the family and friends who are kind enough to carry all the goodies. I now have the kindle reading app on all my devices since I buy a lot of books from Amazon using the cloud, but I still love reading on my Kindle, while my husband is happy that our study now has place for other things!
Ask a new mother who her best friend is at night, and the prompt reply you will get is - mobile or tablet. Emails, social networking, blogging, watching movies or tv shows, reading books, playing games, and skimming through magazines, I do it all on my Ipad mini. We do not have a TV in our room and do not plan on getting one anytime soon as our respective Ipads or Macs do the needful for us. Hubby and I have stayed up many a nights watching back to back movies or TV shows. We watch reruns of Friends everyday on TV and have gone through Boston Legal, Frasier, Seinfeld, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Everybody Loves Raymond, House MD to name a few. I am at the moment enjoying my Iphone 5S and looking forward to the Apple Watch launch!

One e-store that I love is They have a range of quirky gizmos that they keep updating regularly. Their tagline says it all "HitPlay - For those who've got everything else." This is one of my favourites amongst many more that I have bought. It took me many many months to find just the right clock for my kitchen.

The next product I'm eyeing is the Hydracoach. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day, and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Barnyard Theme 2nd Birthday

Our son turned 2 last month and we decided to throw a Barnyard theme birthday party for him. After the Dr. Seuss themed first birthday party last year, this year we chose a theme he could relate to and enjoy. He can now recognize all farm animals and the sounds they make and Old MacDonald is one of his favourite nursery rhymes. It took weeks and weeks of preparations and that meant burning the midnight oil once again for us working parents, and a sabbatical for me from my blog for over 3 months. Here is all that we did and more.

Were made on photoshop by my husband and were sent out via email and whats app. We used the same invitations as reminders a week before the party for last minute rsvps.

Birthday Boy:
Ronav was dressed in denim overalls and a checked shirt to resemble a farmer in the barn, Mom and dad played their part too, wearing checked shirts and denims.

Barn Entrance:
Our main door was decorated to look like a barn door.

Paper Rosettes, Streamers:
Were hand made and used as decorations around the house.

Happy Birthday Banner:
Was hand made using coloured paper and followed the Barnyard Theme.

EIEIO Banner, Paper Fan Banner:
Were hand made using coloured A4 size papers.

Paper fence and animal cutouts:
Using coloured chart paper we made ducks, pigs, horses, cows, sheeps, cats, donkeys and stuck them on the walls throughout the house. The brown fence also lined all the walls of the house.

Farmer / Old MacDonald:
We made a life size farmer out of chart paper, coloured it and stuck it on the wall.

One of the games was pin the nose on the puppy which was again made using coloured paper.


Party hats and masks:
We used coloured chart, felt and foam papers to make the party hats and masks at home.

Photo props:
Animal cutouts which were painted and laminated were used as photo props.


Pig pen:
Our son's cot was converted into a pig pen in which we put pink balloons with pig faces drawn on them. The kids had a ball swatting the pigs.

Food display:
I made clay animals to use as stands for the food labels. Food labels were bought from the market. The menu included mud pies (5 star chocolates), corn cob, chicken feed (boiled peanuts), tractor wheels (Oreos), farm rolls (sandwiches), fresh vegetables and dips from Ronav's garden, cheeky chicks (boiled eggs), pasta, chilli potatoes, cocktail samosas, ice cream, pigs in mud (chocolate sauce), fresh fruits in waffle cones.


The fresh fruits in waffle cones looked like the picture on the left (from pinterest). Unfortunately we did not take any pictures before serving them. The pigs in mud were fondant pigs in chocolate sauce served with cake and vanilla ice cream.

Birthday Cake:
The birthday cake was made by Ananya and Chetna of Love Sugar Dough, Oshiwara. They did a wonderful job as always. After the yummy cake and cupcakes that they made for the first birthday last year, we decided to just go with their cake again this time. The cake was chocolate with all the fondant work and tasted delicious! We sent them pictures of the animals and how we wanted them to be placed and they created exact replicas!

Party Favours:
In keeping with the Barnyard theme, the party favours were plants, watering cans made from milk bottles, chocolates in egg cartons and colouring pens for the kids.

Wishes for Ronav:
We printed a book called "Wishes for Ronav" and all the guests filled and signed it as a memory for Ronav.

The Centre Stage:
This is what the living room looked like. A huge cow balloon took centre seat with nursery rhymes were playing in the background.


Dr Seuss themed 1st Birthday!

It seems like yesterday that we brought our son Ronav home from the hospital, but a year has just flown by and all that we are left with a...