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Come away with Norah Jones

Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.
~Berthold Auerbach

I cannot work without music. Ever since I've started practicing Dentistry, I've worked to soft music playing in the background. My regular patients now give me their requests and we play that while working on them! It not only soothes the patients, it also relaxes me while working, calms me in high stress situations at work. I usually prefer music with lyrics and am not too much into lounge music. My Ipod at work has a mix of soft music spanning various genres. My favourite for the longest time has been Norah Jones and is played on a continuous loop all day long! 
So when I heard that she was going to perform in Mumbai in March there was no way I could miss watching her live. The early bird tickets were booked at 2 am in January and the excitement was mounting. After having watched only Bryan Adams (Yes I still do love him!) in concert twice I was finally getting to watch another one of my absolute favourite artists!

The concert was a part of A Summer's Day music festival at the Turf Club, Mahalaxmi. There were various other upcoming artists performing before her but the highlight was Norah Jones. The gates opened at 4pm as promised and we secured a place right in front of the stage. A wait of 4 hours later, Norah Jones climbed up the stage and set it on fire! She opened with her popular number "Happy Pills" and enthralled everyone. She acknowledged the audience after her opening song and said " You guys are such a warm welcome!" The performance was spellbinding, her voice was mesmerizing and she had the crowd singing along and begging for more!

 Her band was fantastic and everything was perfectly synchronized and organized and they did a splendid job in accompanying her sultry vocals.

Right from the moment we entered the venue, Only Much Louder never failed to impress us with their impeccable event organisation. The stage decor was simply marvellous, beautifully lit with serial lights of cool blues and purples with large origami cranes hanging in intervals. The mood was definitely set. The crowd was a mixture of young and old. She played all of her signature tunes including Say Goodbye, Lone Star, Don’t Know Why, Sunrise and her covers of Hank William’s Cold Cold Heart and Tom Waits’ Long Way Home, ending the evening with Come Away with Me. My favourite for the evening was Chasing Pirates and remains a personal favourite even today.

The concert felt like only a few moments even though her set lasted 90 minutes; at the end, everyone was hungry for more. It was like eating only one slice of a delicious cake and with the aftertaste still lingering, we headed out, back into reality, into the traffic and into the weekend that could have had no better way to end.


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