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Desert Rose

When the hubby suggested an overseas holiday with 2 preschoolers, I laughed at him until I had tears streaming down my face. Was he really serious? The 2 of us alone with the 2 of them for 8 long days. Maybe he had been working too long and too hard. Did he forget that our house looked like a hurricane had hit every weekend!

Maybe it was too early in the morning and he was sleep talking. A cup of coffee later, a picture of the many possible disastrous outcomes of this idea were painted but he stood his ground. Then like a typical Indian "Ma" I used the last resort I could, to change his mind....."what will I feed them there!?"

But as days went by, swayed by the phoren shopping promises and all that we could "see and do," I too was bitten by the travel bug and the deal was sealed. Tickets were booked and hotel reservations made. Only thing left now was the to pray to all the Indian Gods to help maintain my sanity.

All pandemonium broke loose 4 days before…
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Dinosaurs are the new Dolls

"Dadda....look Dinosaur....Aaaahhhhhhhaaaaahhh!!!!"

Our home is filled with squeals like this all day long. Screen time is dedicated to watching dinosaurs dancing, singing, teaching colours, numbers and alphabets (the things you can find on you tube!). Voice search is put to full use and "dinosaur videos" fill up the app history. Dancing to Dinosaur Stomp with Mother Goose Club and Dinosaur Song with Blippi is an obsession.

The Dinosaur pets are bathed, fed, tucked into bed. All other stuffed animals and family members are scared with threats that the dinosaur will eat them up.

Ah the joys of watching your 2 year old take HER dinosaur for a walk or a stroll in a doll stroller! Or better yet, insist that the big blue T Rex goes where ever she does! Even if it means her Dadda has to carry them both for a walk down the road.

On a trip to Build A Bear, where I hope she picks a "My Little Pony", my free spirited, strong willed 2 year old picks out a blue T-Re…

Ronav’s first experience with Canvas painting

Back in January this year, Ronav’s grandparents gifted him an easel, canvas papers and paints.  We spent one Saturday afternoon creating this finger painting. He painted the entire thing himself with a few inputs from me.  At that time he had little knowledge of what the roots of trees really do. So when I explained the roots help in anchorage and nutrition, he made them round and big to give his trees maximum nutrients.  He also painted two suns. When I asked him the reason for doing that, this was his explanation “One sun is up in the sky to give us light and one sun is close to my trees to help them grow stronger and  taller quickly.” The imaginative minds of young kids!  Needless to say that we have saved this one! 

A Dentist’s Views On Childrens Dental Care - An interview by KanikaG

When an author and blogger friend approached me to shed light on some dental issues for kids for her blog, I wondered if I could do justice to her questions.

Kanika G is a mother of 2 witty and beautiful girls. She herself is a physicist and a published author and blogs at Mom’s Best Friend. A must visit to read lovely children's stories, picture books, parenting blog posts, short stories for grown ups, articles pertaining to women's issues, recipes, poetry and more.

This is the interview and you can read all about it here too. KanikaG has asked all these questions and I’ve tried my best to address them to the best my knowledge and ability. 
Thank you KanikaG for this! 

How long have you been a practicing dentist and how often do you work with kids?I have been into private practice close to 15 years now and work closely with kids almost on a daily basis in the form of providing them dental treatment at my clinic and conducting dental camps and lectures at schools. When should paren…

Escaping into Art

Art can be so therapeutic, it's true! As a full time practicing Dentist with two kids 5 and 2, I have my hands full all the time. I'm sure all moms feel the same. I end my day with the same thought everyday "24 hours aren't enough". I'm usually working on auto pilot all day all week and so look forward to Sundays to just sleep in. But as all parents know, kids will wake you up sooner on weekends and weekends usually mean more work!
Off late I've started painting again. I have always loved arts and crafts and did every possible class as a kid. Of course at that point I still didn't know how much I really loved it but went along since my mom had signed me up for it. Now my 5 year old has started art classes and that triggered a deep desire to go back to doing something for myself, some "ME TIME" to maintain my sanity. And I love it!  Though it's not even close to the amount of time I should give it or would love to give it, it's somet…

DIY Crayons

Over the weekend Ronav and I decide to do something about all the broken crayons he had. "Lets recycle them" he said! So off we went into the kitchen to try something I had seen on Pinterest.

We have 2 Ikea ice tray moulds, one shaped as hearts and the other as fishes. So we peeled off the wrappers and broke the crayons into tiny pieces to put into the mould. Then we microwaved it for a minute at a time until all the crayons had melted. We microwaved it for 3.5 minutes in all (varies depending on the crayons!) and then allowed it to cool under the fan. Ideally i would prefer allowing it to cool gradually to get an even finish, but Ronav being an impatient 5 year old that he is, wanted his crayons ASAP and not wait an entire night like I asked him to!

So we waited for it to cool a bit and off the mould went into the freezer. Now because we cooled it so fast the crayons did develop a few cracks in them but that didn't bother the kids! 15 minutes in the freezer was enough …

Happy Siblings Day

April 10th is celebrated as Siblings Day in the US. Being an only child I always craved to have a sibling. I would imagine what it would be like to have an older brother. Despite having many cousins who I grew up with and am very close to even today, having my own sibling was always a dream. So I hoped to have 2 children of my own. Luckily for me, my husband was more keen on having two kids. 
After my son R was born, we hoped to complete the family with a little girl. God was very kind and blessed me with a daughter S exactly 3 years later. Of course I went through all the insecurities that my little boy had once he found out that there was a baby in mamma's tummy. Soon after S was born, all his insecurities vanished and he started to play the role of the older 3 years old.
Over the last 19 months I have experienced the care, love, fights, jealousy and everything that comes with having a sibling. I went from being a mother to being a referee literally.....and S is …